Construcción de una parabola solar que concentra los rayos solares en un motor Stirling - Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Estado de Morelos

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Carlos Ramos, Rafael Ramírez, Javier Lagunas, Jorge M. Huacuz
MS (Project leader), MS (Researcher), MS (Researcher), Dr. (Manager)
Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas
Av. Reforma 113, Col. Palmira, 62490 Cuernavaca, Morelos, México,


(...) Parabolic Dishes are particularly interesting as autonomous systems for their use in Mexican rural areas for small scale of electricity production, water pumping, ice production, and seawater desalination, among other applications. The technology around the world is in the development stage at the level of industrial prototypes and offers advantages for its potential production in Mexico. The Mexican parabolic dish is in the last construction stage and it is expected that in few months can be integrated with all its different components and to carry out the first operation tests. The concentrator is 7.5 meters in diameter and with focal length of 4.5 m. The reflective surface consists of 12 facets made of fiberglass with a reflecting surface made of thin-glass (1.0 mm) silvered mirror. The system will use a 9 kWe Stirling engine to produce electricity from concentrated solar radiation (...) 

Foto: Concentrator de Stirling Energy System, USA - 25 kW

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